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Seafood – Mussels


mussel innDuring our recent stay in Glasgow we visited the Mussel Inn.  This wonderful seafood restaurant can be found in Hope Street and is in the vicinity of Glasgow Central Station.


Our visit to Glasgow was a last minute decision.  We decided to mussel innsurprise John’s twin sister, Betty Johnstone, in order that they could celebrate their 70th birthdays together on the Saturday. We arrived in Glasgow early Friday morning and had seen the restaurant when we were walking around the town at lunchtime.  The restaurant was very busy then, so we  had a look at the menu in the window and decided to go back later that evening.


It is so good to see independent restaurants doing well, holding their own and competing with the large retail giants.  Food for thought (excuse the pun), perhaps competing is not the correct word because when you offer an excellent quality of produce and match it with a very personalised  customer service you are in fact surpassing your opponents not competing with them.



th1The Mussel Inn has two restaurants, this one in Glasgow and another in Edinburgh.  They are owned and run by Mr Janne Johansson and Mr Walter Speirs.  Janne Johansson, originally a pastry  chef, is Swedish by birth and has been in the catering trade for many years. Likewise his son,  Christian Johansson, who is head chef at the Glasgow restaurant.



chef mussel inn

John and Christian, Head Chef


As you know, John loves his seafood and is particularly partial to mussels. Mussels are part of the same mollusc family as clams and oysters. They are  very nutrient-rich and high in protein.  They provide vitamin C, iron, zinc and all of the B vitamins, including high amounts of vitamin B-12, which provide protection against cancer as well as looking after your skin and hair. Personally I don’t actually eat them, but maybe I should. 


interior mussel inn


We ordered grilled oysters with cheese and bacon and marinated tiger prawns as starters. 


oystersmarinated tiger prawns


For the main course John chose mussels with a blue cheese, bacon and a cream sauce. I had  a shellfish pasta with mussels, tiger prawns, queen scallops and fettuccini in a shellfish bisque. To accompany our meal we had a bottle Sauvignon Blanc from the Seifried Estate, New Zealand.


mussels with blue cheese and bacon

 shellfish pasta








But of course Mussel Inn is just not about mussels.  The menu is very varied and not only offers a great selection of the finest seafood in Scotland such as West Coast mussels, king scallops, queen scallops and oysters.


The menu also features a variety of non-seafood dishes such as fresh salads, soups, vegetarian dishes, pasta and delicious sweets to make sure that everybody has a choice.  They also offer half portions for children. The prices are so reasonable, the lunchtime quickie menu with a glass of wine or beer is £7.95 and the  2 course  pre-theatre dinner costs  £10.95.  Please click this link to view the a la carte menu: Mussel Inn menu


We highly recommend this restaurant. Both the food and service were  excellent and we will definitely visit again whenever we are in Glasgow or Edinburgh.

The Mussel Inn
157 Hope Street
Glasgow, G2 2UQ – For online bookings:

Click here to watch the Mussel Inn video:  Mussel Inn Video




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