Plum Vodka – So Easy to Make

Plum vodka – White spirits (gin, vodka and white rum) are ideal for making fruit infused alcohol. Flavoured vodka and gin are all the rage at the moment and they are so simple to make at home.  And, once they ready for drinking, they make unusual and wonderful Christmas presents for your family and friends. 


homemade plum vodka


homemade plum vodkaMy friend Sarah has a plum tree in her
garden. and in the summer she gave me some plums. Unfortunately, once harvested, the fruit doesn’t store for very long so I washed and dried the fruit and then froze them whole in freezer bags.


homemade plum vodkaSarah also gave me a bottle ouzo that she had brought back from her trip to Greece. I had intended to make some ouzo flavoured jam with the plums, as ouzo and plums make a great combination.  But, after my success at making homemade rhubarb gin, I decided to try making

homemade plum vodka instead.


Homemade Plum Vodka



900g plums

220g caster sugar
1 litre vodka


  • homemade plum vodkaWash the plums and put into a saucepan.
  • Add the sugar and under a gentle heat dissolve the sugar and cook the plums until tender.
  • Remove from the stove and leave to cool.
  • Put the plums and some of the syrup into a sterilised 2 litre kilner jar.
  • Add the vodka and seal the jar.
  • Leave in a cool dark cupboard  for two months
  • Strain the homemade plum vodka,  putting the plums to one side,  and decant into bottles.
  • The vodka infused plums can be used in pies and chutneys

homemade plum vodka





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