An Unexpected Wine Tasting

 An Unexpected Wine Tasting at Maltby & Greek


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Last summer  we decided to visit  Maltby Street Food Market to see how it compares with Borough Market.  Maltby Street Market is located in Bermondsey, London SE1  and  consists of a series of units situated underneath the arches of the railway line and in stalls located in Ropewalk.  This whole area in Bermondesy has a long history of food production and distribution.

While were looking at one of the stalls in Ropewalk it started to rain very heavily. My friend was  looking at the Bio-Scheme stall and of course,  being an organic  guru, had to buy some of their products. I went to the  front of the unit opposite to get out of the rain when suddenly I heard  a voice, as though from the gods, saying ‘come in and take shelter’. I then found myself in heaven.


I have visited Greece and her islands many times and I know that food in Greece is a way of life.  They cook recipes, some handed down from generation to generation, in which good ingredients and flavours are allowed to speak for themselves.  Maltby & Greek are no exception to this rule and they showcase the very best of Greece.  Their ethos is: ‘We pride ourselves on sourcing products that are unique and fresh, grown, reared and produced in accordance with old Greek traditions …….’


Yannos, the founder and part owner of the company, offered us samples of hard 1-IMG_1288yellow cheeses made from sheep and goats milk; a tasting of free range wild boar terrine (Kavourmas); also organic chargrilled aubergine and pepper sauce (Melitzanopiperia) and traditional greek sweets from the Island of Chios (including Sour Cherries in Syrup and Crystallised Wild Figs).  They also had on display jars of Cretan honey; virgin olive oils from the Vassillakis Estate in Crete; oven dried dark green olives; Greek traditional home-made pastas; and so much more.

At the same time Vasilis asked us if we would  like to taste some wines.  Vasilis (a wine 1-1-IMG_1285connoisseur) was in the process of producing a customer opinion survey on the wines that they offer, so naturally we couldn’t refuse.

Maltby & Greek work with artisan wine producers and have exclusive distribution rights in the UK and Ireland.  We tasted a large selection of wines from Mantinia and Nemea in the Peloponnese, others from Armyndeon and Florina in Macedonia  and Santorini in the Cyclades.  I have to say the wines from Santorini were superb and complemented the cheeses and the wild boar terrine.

There is a Greek saying “Έτσι, νόστιμα νομίζω ότι έχω πεθάνει και πάει στον ουρανό”  (I think i’ve died and gone to heaven). I certainly did that afternoon. Maltby & Greek – Σας ευχαριστώ για τη φιλοξενία σας

Maltby & Greek are the UK’s leading supplier and distributor of Greek foods and wines. At the weekends they have a retail unit at 41 Maltby Street, SE1 (in the Ropewalk).  They also have new premises at 76 Druid Street, SE1.  This is the centre of their wholesale/retail operations and  their on-line website.  They also  have facilites  to host events such as, dinners, wine tastings, educational  sessions and cultural evenings.

Maltby Street can be reached via the C10 bus from outside Bemondsey Jubilee Line station.






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